A Happy and Healthy Christmas?

‘Tis the season to be jolly. And that usually means ‘tis the season to stop worrying about healthy eating…with predictable results. Before you know it New Year is the season to feel jolly tubby!

But is there a way to enjoy the best flavours of the festive season without feeling like you’ve started your New Year resolutions early?  At The Nutribox we say the answer is ‘yes’ – and that’s exactly why we selected our favourite indulgent Christmas tasting snacks and put them into an alternative kind of selection box.

The Nutribox team enjoys tasty good food as much as everyone. It’s one of the reasons we started our business delivering healthy snacks conveniently by post.  We know that there are great healthy snacks out there that can do you good AND taste great at the same time.  We also know lots of people who’d like to eat more healthily. But who has time to read the labels, check the ingredients and make sure ‘healthy’ claims on the packet mean healthy inside the packet? 

Because we have nutrition professionals on our team, the hard work is done for you. That means you can be sure the healthy snacks delivered in a Nutribox are worthy of their healthy label.  There are still chocolate and sweet treats in our Christmas selection too. That’s the point.  Our Christmas selection box includes cranberry and mandarin flavoured raw chocolate – which tastes very much like normal chocolate but doesn’t lose its antioxidant goodness by heat treating.  We have a raw Christmas cake treat that combines all your favourite dried fruits and nuts in a protein-packed nutritious nibble.  There’s also chocolate orange and gingerbread-flavoured fruit and nut bars that have ditched refined sugars and artificial additives, taking their festive flavour from natural ingredients instead.

Any snack that goes into a Nutribox has to pass the taste test as well as have good nutritional credentials.  We have made our Christmas gift box a genuinely healthier alternative to traditional selection boxes AND make sure it is just as tasty. It’s all great news too, for people following special diets. They don’t need to miss out at Christmas. Our Nutribox Christmas selection is packed with treats that are made from gluten-free ingredients. In fact all our Christmas gift box snacks are suitable for vegans (but just as appealing to carnivores).

The Nutribox Christmas gift box – proving it is possible to enjoy a healthy and a happy Christmas!   Available from Amazon  and Planet-V

  • Ann White
  • 02 Dec 2013

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