Our Values


The Nutribox works a little differently to most businesses. Our team came together because we all love to eat healthy, delicious food and we wanted to make it easier for other people to eat more healthily. We also shared some ideas about how an unconventional business could work and we’ve captured these thoughts in our Core Values which help to guide how we work together and with our partners:

  • Create customer value
  • Improve and innovate as standard
  • Build trust through openness and honesty
  • Recruit owners not employees
  • Lead don’t manage
  • Pursue community-interest over self-interest
  • Create a fun and healthy work environment


Create customer value

We invest time in understanding how we can add value for our customers before acting on that information and doing our best to create value for them. This takes longer than simply assuming we already know what our customers want from us but is immensely more satisfying when we get it right.

Improve and innovate as standard

We see customer value creation as an ongoing process requiring constant thought and attention. So ‘improvement and innovation’ can’t be something that occurs every once in a while; it needs to be a part of what we do every day. Our starting point is always ‘how can we make this better for our customers?’

Build trust through openness and honesty

One of the reasons we enjoy working together at The Nutribox is we’re pretty straightforward folk who trust and respect each other enough to agree and disagree in a positive manner. Likewise with our suppliers; we see them as an extension of our team and try to treat them accordingly. When they get it right we applaud them; if they get it wrong we work with them to put it right.

Recruit owners not employees

We strongly believe that people who create wealth should have a share in what they’ve created. We also know from experience that when people own something they tend to treat it with a little more care and consideration. Given that we want to offer our customers the highest levels of customer care imaginable we only recruit people who think like owners, act like owners and indeed quickly become owners’.

Lead don’t manage

Us Nutriboxers enjoy feeling a sense of liberty and freedom to express ourselves through our work and play. What’s more we don’t like being told what to do and feeling obliged to acquiesce to someone simply because they’ve been given a title. So managers are an extinct species at The Nutribox and have been replaced by a bunch of people who communicate regularly, support each other and get on with the job without fear of upsetting ‘the boss’.

Pursue community-interest over self-interest

We try to recruit people with passion and determination to succeed for the shared benefit of their community. As social creatures this is how be believe human beings are best suited to operating and helps us achieve our goals far more effectively than simply pursuing our own self-interest.

Create a fun and healthy work environment

We believe work should be fun or at least enjoyable. For us this means being involved in a business we believe in, working alongside people we enjoy being around and not taking ourselves too seriously. Or at least making sure we have a laugh and a giggle from time to time.