The Nutribox Story


The Nutribox story began in early 2012 when Peter Beeby was on the lookout for a new business adventure having left School Trends (, the company he co-founded, at the end of 2011.

Peter’s problem in searching for a new venture was the number of ideas that passed through his head every single day. In order to decide ‘what next?’ he needed a means of filtering these ideas, so he came up with the following check-list to assess the merits of every new opportunity that arose.

  • a product/service linked to a personal passion or interest

  • an ethical business that could make a positive difference  

  • an online business with a strong USP

  • the potential to be profitable and scalable

  • the potential for international expansion

  • a business that did not require a large initial headcount and/or substantial start-up capital.

Peter had developed an interest in healthy eating in the late 1990s when his digestive system started sending out distress signals. This proved the trigger for some serious lifestyle changes, including to his dietary regime, influenced by a book called ‘Gut Reaction’ written by Gudrun Jonsson. This provided Peter with the tools to begin the process of healing his gut and improving the function of his digestive system, something he found to be fundamental to the state of his overall health.

So having established his interest in diet and nutrition, Peter decided to explore business ideas in this area whilst looking out for people who might be interested in working with him on a ‘healthy eating’ based project. His approach was simple: he looked for people who would be fun to work with and who seemed more knowledgeable and capable than himself in their areas of expertise.

Within a short space of time he’d met up with Ann, who’d left a senior marketing role at Fujitsu in order to retrain as a Nutritional Therapist. They began to explore different ideas within the broad area of ‘healthy eating’.

The first idea they considered was the development of a healthy meals service for people who were too busy or not inclined to cook their own meals. The idea was that a box of healthy meals, and snacks would be delivered daily to customers to help them maintain a healthy eating regime. After much deliberation this idea was dismissed due to the cost and complexity of chilled distribution. Still, the possibility of doing something that made it easier for people to eat more healthily remained appealing and after lots more ideation and discussion they came up with the idea of an online healthy snacks service. The Nutribox was born.

Soon after Abi, a Food and Nutrition undergraduate was recruited on a work placement from Sheffield Hallam University. She was closely followed by Emma who had also studied at SHU having completed a BSc in Psychology and a Master’s in Public Health and Nutrition. Bizarrely, though they’d never knowingly met previously, it transpired both were from Malvern and had attended the same schools.

The final member of the original Nutribox team was Rick, our erstwhile Company Secretary, who had worked very closely with Peter for many years at School Trends.

With the team in place, the challenge was set to create a viable business that fulfilled an important need and made its customers very happy.