Ann experiments with a Paleo Diet.

Ann, our nutritional therapist, is never afraid to give new food ideas a try. 

This week she started to experiment with a Paleo diet. This diet is supposed to replicate what our stone age (Paleolithic – hence the name) ancestors ate. 

Followers of the Paleo movement believe that a grain-free, dairy-free, and bean/legume-free diet can help maintain a healthy weight, address sleep and energy problems, and promote good health. 

Yesterday got off to a great start with a lovely breakfast of no-grain granola, fresh melon and banana, and almond milk. 

Let us know if you have any hints or tips or recipes or favourite paleo snacks to share to help Ann follow her Paleo plan!  We know that not all the healthy snacks in the Nutribox can be described as paleo snacks but she’ll be trying some out as part of this new eating plan.

To find out how you can snack more healthily click here.

  • Abi
  • 04 Nov 2011

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