April Star Brand: The Ludlow Nut Company

We love all of the great brands we work with because they make the healthy snacks that help us deliver you a different box of healthy snacks  that taste great every month.

This month our star brand is The Ludlow Nut Company who make all our custom blends of dried fruit, nuts and seeds. Helen, Ludlow’s founder, gave up her city lifestyle as a Director of Travel and made the journey to Shropshire 10 years ago.  She and her colleagues have grown their business over that time and now make delicious bars, granola, porridge mixes and of course The Nutribox mixes.  We design all our own fruit and nut mixes so they are truly healthy snacks that pack a punch with flavour, nutrition and energy – Helen makes our ideas a reality in your Nutribox.

Helen shared this video with us to tell you more about The Ludlow Nut Company.

To find out how you can snack more healthily click here.

  • Abi
  • 10 Apr 2013

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