How to Avoid Unhealthy Habits This Christmas

With all the tempting treats available over Christmas, it’s difficult to stick to staying fit and healthy. Especially when celebrating with family and friends. To help you along the way, we’ve come up with some tips to help you stick to your healthy eating plans.


The Christmas Party

If you’re going to a Christmas party, make sure you’ve had a healthy meal or a pre-party snack, then you won’t feel hungry and this will help with avoiding tempting buffet of unhealthy canapés and snacks.

Focus on the other Christmas traditions and activities rather than food. Stay active and get involved in decorating, carolling and party games.

The day after your big night out at the office Christmas party, remember to keep up your intake of water to avoid dehydration. No one wants their Christmas break to be ruined by a nasty headache or hangover. It’s also important to have a big healthy and balanced breakfast to keep you going throughout the day, if you’re recovering from the night before, or getting ready for another evening of festive partying.

Staying Fit

A refreshing walk after Christmas lunch is a great way to get some exercise into the busiest day of the Christmas holidays, while also spending more quality time with your family and walking off that full feeling after your big lunch. The Christmas holidays are a great time to relax, however, remember not to just sit down all day watching the Christmas TV specials.

Organise some workouts with your friends. It’s great to have time to relax, but avoid sitting around doing nothing for the whole holiday. You’ll still be spending quality time with your friends and working out with others can be much more motivating. This will also help you burn off the calories from all the extra Christmas food.

Christmas Treats

Keep to healthy treats if you want to treat yourself; There’s plenty of healthy snacks available out there, including vegan chocolate bars, perfect if you’re craving Christmas chocolates. You could even make your own healthy, vegan, raw and gluten free desserts and treats – there’s thousands of recipes to choose from. To get a fantastic supply of healthy snacks click here. Our boxes were named one of the best healthy food subscription boxes in this Indy Best article.

  • Maisie
  • 22 Dec 2016

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