Caffeine – It’s Not Just About Coffee

During most presentations that Ann, our Nutritional Therapist , delivers someone will ask about coffee – the common questions are is it really bad for them and how much should they drink? There is a lot of research evidence written about caffeine – and on the whole it shows that coffee, drunk in moderation, may not be detrimental for health and may even improve sports performance in some circumstances.  It can also have a positive effect on mental health .  But it’s no longer just about that morning latte that is the energy snack of choice for so many.  In the US the Food and Drug Administration has recently launched an investigation  into new food and drinks finding their way on to the supermarket shelves which contain caffeine.  The issue may not be the amount of caffeine in any individual product, but the cumulative effect of consuming a number of these products in a day.  When did you last add up how many shots of caffeine you inadvertently consume in a day?

  • Ann White
  • 17 May 2013

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