Energy Snacks


Feeling full of beans one minute and ready to fall asleep on your laptop the next?  Eating the right healthy snacks as part of a varied and balanced diet can help you keep your energy levels up during the day.  The Nutribox contains energy bars and other snacks that have the right nutrients to help keep you going. 

Blood Sugar Balance 

It’s not just about coffee – caffeine is being used as a pick-me-up ingredient in a range of new products

Caffeine and brain function – can your daily cuppa help guard against cognitive decline?

Feeling wide awake – at the wrong time?

When is a snack and energy snack? – the guide to feeling fuller for longer

Need post-training energy snack? – read on for 10 great ideas

5-minute healthy chocolate cake recipe – a great energy snack

My Nutribox– Nutribox customers have told us they love how they feel after eating their snacks, meet some of them here



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