Food of the Week: Cherries

It’s June which means cherries are in season! This healthy snack delivers plenty of nutritional benefits as well as tasting great.


Cherries are one of nature’s few sources of melatonin. So if you struggle to get to sleep at night, cherries could help you to feel sleepy and get a better nights sleep. They also contain lots of potassium which lowers blood pressure and reduces risk of hypertension. 

In terms of pre and post training nutrition cherries are brilliant as they reduce work out pain and ease muscle soreness. They also contain anthocyanins which activate a molecule that speeds up fat burning and decreases fat storage.

Cherries are a tasty snack to eat on their own, in pies, sauces or in baking. How do you like to use cherries?

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  • Abi
  • 12 Jun 2013

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