Great energy snacks – post-training

Counting calories isn’t always the best way to go  but we liked these snack suggestions because they manage portion size realistically and are all tasty and nutritious ideas.  When you’re exercising regularly pre and post training nutrition is important – your body needs to have the right fuel for your training session and restock with energy snacks afterwards.  Glycogen has been used up and your body needs the raw materials for muscle growth and repair.  Vitamins and minerals have also been used up to make energy, in muscle movement and hormone and neurotransmitter production – all vital functions that are going on behind the scenes as you run, cycle, swim, row or do any kind of hard training.  Raw whole foods tend to have more of those vitamins and minerals which is why a number of these healthy snack recommendations are raw snacks.

  • Ann White
  • 04 Jun 2013

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