How you just got the flu

As Christmas approaches there’s a lot to do – presents to buy, parties to go to, lovely festive food to enjoy.  So why is it at this time of year it feels particularly hard to keep the good habits going that help keep you flu-free – like healthy snacks, wholesome meals and not too many late nights?  The busier you are, the more important it is to avoid getting ill!  So what can you do to stop the flu virus taking hold?

This infographic is a great explanation of the biological process involved in flu infection.  One of the challenges your immune system faces with any viral infection is that the virus actually takes over your cells to replicate and perpetuate their existence in your body.  By the time you actually feel flu symptoms the virus has well and truly taken hold – it’s already grabbed onto receptors on your cells and infiltrated the nucleus to start reproducing.

So what can you do to help prevent getting the flu this winter?  Here are a few simple tips:

1.  Protect yourself

If the immune cells on your body’s surface aren’t functioning optimally then the flu virus can sneak in.  Making sure your gut bacteria are getting well fed with fresh fruit and vegetables can help.  Also include a source of protein, such as nuts, seeds, or a protein-packed healthy snack delivered in a Nutribox whenever you have a meal or snack.

2.  Support yourself

Making sure your immune cells are fighting fit can ensure that even if you do get the flu your body can get rid of it quickly and effectively.  Eating a varied diet with different coloured fruits and vegetables, plenty of lean protein like pulses, fish and poultry and drinking plenty of water rather than coffee and alcohol can help give your immune system the nutrients it needs

3.  Look after yourself – and others

If the worst happens and you do get a flu infection do yourself a favour and take a break – don’t try and work through it.  Not only will you reduce the stress on your body and already hard-working immune system, you’ll also protect others by not exposing them to the infection you’re carrying.

We wish you a flu-free festive season!

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  • Ann White
  • 19 Nov 2013

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