Indulge without the bulge

Everybody loves this time of year right?  An opportunity for parties, presents and festive treats that just taste of Christmas.  Yuletide may be an opportunity for good food and drink, but for some, it comes with an expanding waistline.  So can you indulge without having to worry about an expanding middle?

At the Nutribox we absolutely believe that you can. That’s why our team of nutrition professionals have written this guide to Christmas season treats. Christmas really can be happy AND healthy.

A lot of festive treats are loaded with sugar as well as spice and ‘all things nice’.  But that sugar content can leave a bitter taste.  Take a typical selection box: believe it or not it can account for nearly 50% of your daily recommended calorie intake. Sugar is invariably right up at the top of the ingredients list – meaning there’s more sugar than pretty much anything else in there.  OK, does that sound like such a bad thing if it’s only once a year?  Well yes…and here’s why.  A bumper sugary snack affects how your body manages energy.  Eating a whole sugar-packed chocolate bar triggers your body to produce a lot of insulin. That’s a natural healthy reaction, but that insulin prompts your body to make and store fat AND stop you burning off the fat you already have.  Yikes, a double whammy! Actually, a triple whammy. Your body soon adapts, wanting still more insulin even after the sugary sweets are gone (promoting even more fat storage).

Luckily, there are plenty of festive flavours that can be sweet without lots of added sugar. Dried fruits, like cranberries, and the tasty fillings you find in lots of  seasonal treats like Christmas cake or mince pies are great. They’re a source of dietary fibre which help you feel fuller for longer – so less likely to graze more.  Eating them without the manufactured fats and chemical additives often found in commercially produced baked goods is a great way of getting the taste without expanding your waist.

So how can you make the most of the festive season without an expanding  waistline?

1.  Make a treat a treat

One of the big challenges with festive food is that there’s just so much of it.  There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a mince pie or a slice of Christmas cake but make it one, not ten.  A treat always tastes better when it really is a treat!

2.  Balance the food books

If you have indulged in a tasty treat (or two) during the day – you probably won’t need such big meals.  You don’t have to carry on eating as much as usual  at mealtimes. Downsize the portion when you need to.

3.  Make good choices

Not all treats are created equal and you can make healthier choices and still enjoy delicious festive food.  A small portion tastes just as good as a large one, and treats packed with dried fruit are likely to deliver more nutrition AND taste than a mini chocolate log.

We’ve designed our Christmas gift box to help make your festive season happy and healthier.  Our indulgent treats are filled with the tastes of the season. Tastes like cranberry, orange and nuts. We’ve used our nutrition knowledge to be sure  these treats can help do you good too.  So, if you want to make it easier to eat more healthily this Christmas but enjoy the festive flavours, why not try one of our Christmas gift boxes packed with healthy snacks.  Available from Amazon  and Planet-V  until 16th December 2013.

  • Ann White
  • 02 Dec 2015

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