July Healthy Snack Star Brand: Juice Master

We love helping you discover new snacks and we know you enjoy hearing about the producers and the values behind their healthy snacks. So this month, like every month, we feature a Star Brand which we tell you more about and of course you get to try their delicious snacks in your Nutribox for yourself. We tell you why we like the brand, how the makers started up, why they make what they do, and why it’s important to them to create only the most deliciously nutritious products. 

We’re very pleased to have Juice Master as our July Star Brand. Juice Master was set up by Jason Vale, who from his own personal experience has discovered the benefits of juicing. Jason used to be overweight, a heavy drinker, he smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day and had a severe skin condition.  He then discovered juicing and has now lost 4 stone, stopped drinking and smoking, his skin condition has improved dramatically and he is full of energy. Jason now wants to share what he has learnt about juicing with the world.  As a part of a balanced diet juicing is a fantastic way to improve your nutrient intake and there are so many different combinations you can try. Jason has 7 best selling books which would be a great way to get started with Juicing and improve your health.

Juice Master share our love for healthy snacks and understand that some days you’re just too busy for juicing and so they have invented Juice in a Bar. These award winning scrumptious bars are a clever combination of seriously healthy fruit or vegetables combined with other natural ingredients to give you a delicious snack. We hope you enjoy trying Juice Master in your July healthy snack box!

  • Abi
  • 03 Jul 2013

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