June Star Brand: The Frank Food Company

We want you to get to know the people behind the wonderful brands we work with. So this month, like every month, our boxes will feature a different Star Brand. This is where we find out more abut how the makers started up, why they make what they do, and why it’s important to them to create only the most deliciously nutritious products. 


The Frank Bar made by The Frank Food Company is a delicious new treat that is gluten free and doesn’t contain nuts or diary either. It’s high in fibre, has slow release energy, is a source of protein and is a vegan snack. It’s packed with 100% natural ingredients and comes in five flavours, oat, double chocolate, chocolate & strawberry, chocolate & blueberry and chocolate orange, two of which you’ll find in this month’s Nutribox. Frank sources its ingredients from around the world to make snack bars that are nutritious, healthy and most importantly, taste so good you won’t believe what healthy snacks they really are! 


If you’d like to find out how you can snack more healthily click here.

  • Abi
  • 05 Jun 2013

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