May Star Brand: Pulsin’

We want you to get to know the people behind the wonderful brands we work with. So this month, like every month, our boxes will feature a different Star Brand. This is where we find out more abut how the makers started up, why they make what they do, and why it’s important to them to create only the most deliciously nutritious products. 

We’re very pleased to feature Pulsin’ as our star brand this month. Pulsin’ was founded by Ben, Nick and Simon, three friends who all met at Bristol University and dreamt about one day running a business together. They shared a student house for two years and spent a lot of time preparing meals and experimenting with different recipes. This must have planted a seed because 10 years later they were in the food business together. To help power their active lifestyles they decided to make all-natural functional snacks, perfect for that pre- or post- workout training snacks. They now have a range of flavours in their range, some of which you’ll find in this month’s box. We hope you enjoy your Pulsin’ snacks as much as we do! 


To find out how you can snack more healthily click here

  • Abi
  • 01 May 2013

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