Nutribox Newsletter October 2013

Welcome to another month of The Nutribox News! We’re sorry the October edition is a little bit late…we got rather distracted with carving pumpkin lanterns and seeing how many different uses we could find for the pumpkin and its seeds this week!  We hope you find this newsletter a useful way to find out about what’s happening in health and nutrition news, and what’s happening with us at the Nutribox and with you, our fabulous customers. 

You and Your Nutribox

We want to say a big thank you to all the people who invented social media because it gives us such a great way to keep in touch with our customers.  We always love hearing from you so please email us, comment on Facebook or tweet us with your thoughts about the healthy snacks delivered in your Nutribox.  And if you send us a picture of you and your Nutribox and we’ll add you to our Pinterest page!

We’ve recently sponsored paralympian Claire Cashmore  and we’re excited she was so excited on Twitter about receiving her first box of sports nutrition snacks!

‘Can’t wait to try my new goodies, thanks to ‪@thenutribox ‪#nutritiousanddelicious

What you’ve told us

We were very pleased to announce some new options for Nutribox delivery frequency in October – you can now get your box delivered every week, fortnight, month or every 2 months.  So if you think a box won’t quite last you that long, or you want to ration your snacks and don’t need a supply every month, we can arrange the schedule that works for you.  Existing customers can also now change their delivery frequency – we’ll be telling you how in the next few days.

We gave you Nookie for the first time in September Nutriboxes and your feedback suggests you really liked it. These are a bit of a treat but the chunky nuts and gooey dates won many of you over.  The humus chips (included in the full size Nutribox – sorry you missed out if you get a mini!) also proved a hit which we think shows you can ditch the crisps but still have lovely savoury snacks in your life.

What made the news in October?

At the Nutribox we’re all about healthy snacks but we watch with interest what’s happening in other parts of the snack market too.  We were very encouraged to see the British Medical Journal acknowledging dietary sugar may be more harmful than fats when it comes to heart disease risk.   

Unfortunately government regulation and public health advice is a bit behind the curve – a new UK government initiative has missed the opportunity to reduce added sugars in chocolate bars and similar snacks – instead they’ve focused on reducing saturated fats.  This isn’t totally redundant because achieving the right balance between saturated and unsaturated fats is important (we published a handy guide to good and bad fats) but given the shift in mainstream medical opinion reocgnising sugar may be more harmful, it feels like a big trick has been missed.  We wait with interest to see how public health advice shifts over the coming months and years.

We love healthy snacks at the Nutribox and we’re always excited to tell you more about how you can get those healthy snacks delivered to your home or office door.  For more information please click here

  • Ann White
  • 01 Nov 2013

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