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At The Nutribox we believe in healthy snacks that are made from simple ingredients, kept as close to how they are found in nature as possible.  If you’re following a Paleo Diet (like our nutritional therapist Ann) then you’ll probably agree with us that this is a good approach, and be looking for paleo snacks that cut out grain and dairy ingredients too.  Most of the snacks in The Nutribox are grain and dairy free, and can help you comply with the dietary principles you’ve chosen to follow, without sacrificing on taste.

The Picture Guide to Paleo – a handy flowchart guide for working out which healthy snacks are in and what’s out, entertaining and useful!

Make Mine Paleo! – alternative recipes for old favourites to keep you compliant with Paleo

Bugs– the latest trend in Paleo snacks?

Fats – good and bad – a handy guide to using the best selection of fats and oils

Stressed by dieting? – it could be undoing all your good work

Paleo – half baked? – kick the tyres on the evidence for the paleo diet

Being Paleo or Buying Paleo – why the principles matter as much as the pale food and snacks you eat

My Nutribox– it can be hard to find products to fit with your paleo lifestyle but we do our best by providing many paleo snacks, meet some of our customers who are choosing The Nutribox to help them do it

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