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Jayne and Bibi – aka Veggie Runners – were enjoying their sports nutrition boxes on Twitter ‘This set us right back on track after ‪#GNR yesterday – Bounce protein blast from ‪@thenutribox Sports Boxes ‪

What you’ve told us

Our Sports Nutrition boxes went on sale on 31st August and we’re very excited to see so many of them flying out the door!  It’s great to know we’re helping so many of you fuel your training (or in some cases your teenagers as they went back to school!).  We know that Bounce balls are always a popular healthy snack for the budding athletes among you and once again they proved a popular snack in your August boxes.  Many of you gave the cashew and pecan flavour great feedback in our monthly survey.  For those of you looking for an indulgent treat, you told us the Mulu raw chocolate with dark cocao nibs hit a sweet spot.

What made the news in September?

Fruit and vegetables are regular heroes in nutrition research but in September a number of studies were published that highlighted just how widely the plants in our diet influence our health.  These included research that suggested particular fruits could influence Type 2 diabetes risk (we wrote about this ourselves), research that found chemical components of fruits like red grapes and blueberries can influence our innate immune function, and a new European study quantified the benefits of including fruit and vegetables in our diet.  They found that for every additional 200g of fruit and veg we eat per day, we could reduce the risk of death by as much as 6%, and help us live longer.

We love healthy snacks at the Nutribox and we’re always excited to tell you more about how you can get those healthy snacks delivered to your home or office door.  For more information please click here

  • Ann White
  • 01 Oct 2013

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