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When you’re training hard you need the right sports diet to ensure you’re getting the right pre and post training nutrition for preparation, performance and recovery.  Finding healthy snacks can be difficult – particularly when so much of the sports snack market is geared up to be high calorie but doesn’t always lose the bad stuff like trans fats.  It can also be challenging to find gluten free and vegan sports snacks.  The healthy snacks delivered in our new Sports Nutrition Nutribox are different – made from raw ingredients like nuts, seeds and dried fruits to maintain maximum nutritional value.  If you’re looking for sports snacks that don’t come with refined sugars, gluten, and non-vegan ingredients the Sports Nutrition Nutribox is for you.


Supporting British Sport

The Nutribox are proud to support British athletes

Craig McCann – Paralympic Wheelchair Fencer




Ellie Koyander–  Team GB, Great Britain’s No.1 Freestyle Moguls Skier



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Previous Boxes – our Sports Nutrition box is only available from 31st August 2013 but you can have a look at the snacks we’ve included in our classic Nutriboxes here

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