This Month’s Star Brand: Spare Fruit!


This month our Star Brand is Spare Fruit! This fantastic company makes a tasty selection of 100% Apple and Pear Crisps. Why not have a look at their website to find out what other treats they have to offer? Click here if you would like to take a look.

This month we’ll be talking about all things Sparefruit on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. We teamed up with them to bring you all the best info about their company and snacks! Here’s their top 10 facts:

  1. Spare Fruit rescues beautifully fresh fruit and transforms it into deliciously healthy           fruit crisps.
  2. Spare Fruit has just won a Great Taste Award for our Apple Crisps!
  3. Their fruit crisps are the pear-fect addition to salads, cereals, dips and cheese boards.
  4. Spare fruit crisps are great for on-the-go snacking, lunch boxes, or as a post workout re-fuel.
  5. Spare Fruit is one of your five a day and 100% fruit.
  6. Their fruit crisps are a great low calorie and no added sugar snack.
  7. Their unique air-drying process locks in the goodness, enhances the flavour and gives us a crunch without the need to fry
  8. Spare Fruit runs a 0-waste production.
  9. Spare Fruit supports British farms by offering farmers a fair price for their surplus fruit that would otherwise go to waste.
  10. Everything is picked, packed and produced within 15 mile radius in Kent, the garden of England

You can stay tuned this month for lots more facts about their snacks, but first, here’s just a few more reasons why we chose Sparefruit as this months Star Brand:

  • Spare Fruit crisps are packed with vitamins and minerals from the apples and pears.
  • Both flavours are also one of your five a day, high in fibre and made with 100% rescued fruit.
  • Spare fruit Apple & Pear crisps contain no added sugar, preservatives or additives – so no hidden nasties!

You can find Sparefruit’s delicious fruit crisps in this months Nutribox, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

  • Maisie
  • 01 Sep 2017

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