Sugar-Free Marzipan Chocolates


We all enjoy tasty chocolate treats every so often, so why not make yourself a healthier version of these. Here’s a recipe for some yummy vegan, sugar-free & gluten-free marzipan chocolates!

For this recipe we used the sugar replacement xylitol to make some tasty marzipan treats.

Xylitol has many benefits, but here’s just a few of them;

  • Xylitol looks and tastes similar to table sugar, this makes it more convenient for an alternative in baking recipes, as it can be measured in the same way.
  • It’s lower in calories than table sugar too.
  • Regular consumption of Xylitol can help to fight cavities. It’s non-fermentable and so doesn’t feed bacteria such as plaque.

As well as being sugar-free, these chocolates are gluten free & vegan.

What you’ll need to make them:

150g Xylitol (You can buy this in health food stores – but we also found it in Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s)

150g Ground Almonds

15ml Water

1 tsp Natural Almond Extract

100g of 100% dark chocolate

Chopped or flaked almonds to decorate

How To Make them:

  1. To make sure your marzipan isn’t grainy, the first step is to grind down the almonds and the xylitol a bit more, into a very fine powder.
  2. Heat your 15ml of water and add 1/4 of the xylitol, mix this to make some syrup.
  3. Combine the rest of your dry ingredients then mix in the almond extract and syrup.
  4. Mix and knead this mixture until it forms a small dough – and the marzipan is ready! After this it’s best to leave the dough in the fridge for at least 30mins to rest.
  5. After it’s had a rest, take small pieces of your marzipan dough and roll them into balls.
  6. Chocolate Time! Melt your chocolate and cover the marzipan balls with it, we found the best way to do this was dipping the balls into the chocolate, then using a spoon to cover the gaps.
  7. Leave these to set again in the fridge, then your delicious healthy chocolates are ready!

Hope you enjoy this recipe!

  • Maisie
  • 08 Feb 2017

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