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Welcome to this month’s edition of The Nutribox News! In this monthly newsletter we’ll share what you’ve been telling us this month, what’s being going on in nutrition and health news and also give you the chance to appear on our website! Our August star brand was Braw – find out more about their tasty healthy snacks here

You and Your Nutribox

Julius Francis and The Nutribox

As we are an online business we don’t often get to meet our customers but we love hearing from you.  We’re always delighted to receive emails, comments on Facebook and tweets about how you are getting on with your Nutribox.  If you’d like to email us a  picture of you and your Nutribox we’ll post it on our Pinterest page!

Thanks to former British heavyweight boxing champion Julius Francis for this picture of him in the ring with a Nutribox.  Julius tells us he loves the Nutribox ‘because it makes it so easy to snack healthy while you’re training.’

What you’ve told us

Sports Nutrition and healthy snacks

August was the month we moved to weekly despatch – so new customers would never have to wait more than a week for their first box to be sent out.  It’s kept us busy but we’re very happy we’ve been able to send out so many healthy snacks to you all.  We also got a really positive response to the news we’re going to be launching a Sports Nutrition box – many of you had told us you thought our healthy snacks were great for training but we’ve selected the best snacks for pre training energy and post training recovery and put them in one new box.  The Sports Nutrition box is now available to buy – click here to find out more.

What was the Nutrition News in August?

Hospitals and healthy snacks

The NHS makes a regular appearance in the news, but this month it was all about the food – whether it was the lack of healthy snacks in vending machines or the poor patient survey results on hospital meals.  So is hospital food getting worse or are we just getting better at spotting what’s unhealthy?  In the last month our TV screens have been positively buzzing with food programmes that have taught us more about the food we buy and how we can get better at cooking from scratch ourselves.  Raymond Blanc has been teaching us how to cook well, Gloria Hunniford told us all about marketing food frauds, and the Great British Bake Off returned to inspire us all to get our aprons out.  It is very exciting to see so much programming devoted to helping us cook more of our own food – because that’s the only way to really know what you’re eating.

We love healthy snacks at the Nutribox and we’re always excited to tell you more about how you can get those healthy snacks delivered to your home or office door.  For more information please click here

  • Ann White
  • 03 Sep 2013

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