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Welcome to this month’s edition of The Nutribox News! In this monthly newsletter you’ll find customer feedback, what’s hot and also have the chance to appear on our website! Our May Star Brand is Pulsin’, you can find out how they got started and why we love them on here.

You and Your Nutribox

We don’t often get the chance to meet our customers face to face but we still want to get to know you.  So every month we’d love for you to send us a picture of you with your Nutribox and we’ll ad you to our Pinterest board , as well as picking our two favourite photos to feature on our website each week!

Please email Abi with a photo of you and your box and tell us a little about why you chose The Nutribox.

Thanks to Emma on the left for her lovely picture. Its seems Emma got a little peckish before the photo (we don’t blame you Emma!).

We also want to know what you think of your Nutribox – what was the snack you enjoyed most in May?  Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

What you’ve told us!

Thank you for your feedback on last month’s Nutribox snacks.  It looks like the Nakd Pecan Pie and the Bounce Fudgie Walnut went down particularly well proving raw snacks can be very tasty.  The sweet potato crisps from Leighton Brown were a favourite too. 
Apricot kernels didn’t appeal to everyone but you did like the surprise of getting something a bit unusual in your Nutribox!  The survey for your May box will be with you soon – please tell us what got the thumbs up and what you’d rather not see again so we can keep your Nutribox full of delicious snacks you enjoy.

What was the hot new in May?

Certainly not the weather!  Over the last few years there has been a growing amount of interest in the role of our genes on health – are some of us predisposed to certain conditions that throw our healthy lifestyle efforts off track? Fat Family Tree, shown on Channel 4 explored the role of genetic predisposition on weight loss, helping three members of the same family understand what kind of diet they needed to follow to lose weight successfully (and they did it – losing more than 60lbs between them).  It’s a complicated science to understand and apply but this blog post explains it simply.

Genes are only one part of our DNA – one of the reasons we age physiologically is because of changes to telomeres.  These are sections of code found at the end of our DNA that can get degraded through the natural process of cell reproduction and replacement (like when we make new skin cells to replace old ones).  Last year the Telegraph was reporting on how testing the state of your telomeres can be used to predict your lifespan
But is it all it’s cracked up to be? Trisha Greenhalgh (doctor and academic) had an opposing view on Twitter – “How long will I live?”. I can’t tell you, and neither can the new telomere length blood test. Stick to crystal ball.  

And finally – a bit of news on healthy eating.  Look out for the headlines claiming kiwi fruit is the new anti-heart 

disease super food – and remember you heard it here first!  The (very reputable) British Journal of Nutrition published an article in their latest issue describing research which found eating kiwi fruit could improve blood lipid levels (a measure doctors use to assess heart disease risk) in men with high cholesterol levels.  But note – this was eating 2 kiwi fruit every day, and alongside a healthy diet.  So maybe it’s not the silver bullet after all – we reckon you could do worse than follow our approach to healthy eating.

We hope you have enjoyed this months edition of The Nutribox News. If you would like to know how you can get healthy snacks delivered please click here.

  • Abi
  • 31 May 2013

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