The Secret Ingredient in Satisfying Snacks

There are only 57 sleeps until Christmas, and that probably equates to about 6-7 weeks until you’re getting dressed up for the office party. For some people that means it’s time to get on a diet – but is cutting back your calorie intake really the best way to get in shape, at any time of year?  Research suggests that the best way to eat less is to eat healthy snacks and meals that make you feel fuller for longer.  There are many different ways to do that but a key ingredient that can make you feel satisfied after eating, and stop you getting hungry so quickly, is dietary fibre. 

You find dietary fibre in just about all plant-based foods – fruits, vegetables, pulses, nuts and seeds.  It’s the bit of the plant that humans just aren’t designed to digest effectively and this is one of the reasons it can help kill the hunger pangs.  As it moves through your digestive system it maintains some important aspects of its structure – because your body isn’t breaking it down.  This has a number of physiological effects that provide the following benefits:

–  you absorb energy from food less quickly but more steadily so you avoid the blood sugar rush that can result in an insulin-fuelled crash

–  you ultimately produce less insulin, a chemical which encourages your body to hold on to its fat stores, so it’s easier to burn fat

–  you feel fuller for longer so ultimately you end up eating less

So if you want to feel good, look good, and not spend a lot of your day thinking about where your next meal is coming from, pick the healthy snacks with the secret ingredient – dietary fibre.  This means choosing the snacks that contain plant-based ingredients like dried fruits and nuts, that haven’t been macerated and heat treated to break down their valuable dietary fibre content.  When you look at the ingredients list work out what proportion of the list you actually know and understand e.g. they sound like real foods you could go buy in the supermarket.  And remember if you eat some fruits and vegetables alongside those healthy snacks you increase the dietary fibre content (and the nutritional content) even more.

The healthy snacks delivered in a Nutribox each month are carefully considered and dietary fibre is one of the important ingredients we look for.  If you want to find out more about how a Nutribox subscription works please click here

  • Ann White
  • 29 Oct 2013

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