The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Health & Fitness!

If you and your friends are obsessed with staying healthy and keeping fit, here’s a list of Christmas gift ideas perfect for workouts, yoga and healthy eating!

1. A Yoga Bag

A bag perfect for carrying your yoga mat, with space for any extras you take along for a workout. If you don’t need another bag to haul around, a yoga mat strap is a great item too. You can find a fantastic selection of both here.

2. Wireless Earphones

For your motivational music when working out, without having too many wires or heavy on-ear headphones.

3. Baking or Cooking Equipment

For the friend who likes to make and prep all their own healthy snacks and meals.

4. Running or Sports Socks

Socks are a popular Christmas gift, usually with a novelty theme. How about getting some more useful socks this year for your friends who enjoy running. Running socks are great for marathons as they’re light and soft, while also being made to reduce friction (resulting in less risk of blisters). Feetures have a great range, here’s where you can get them in the UK.

5. Running Belt

A comfortable belt perfect for storing your phone, keys, money etc. When you go for a run or a workout. Much easier than carrying a backpack while exercising

6. Portable Fitness Equipment

Something small like a jump rope or small weights. Useful for someone who likes to fit a workout into a busy day at work, they can keep this equipment at their desk and do some exercise during a lunch break.

7. A Stylish Water Bottle

Having a stylish, and favourite water container it might make it easier to remember to take it everywhere with you and always stay hydrated!

8. Handmade Healthy Snacks

It’s always nice to receive handmade gifts as you know more thought has gone into them. This year make some delicious healthy snacks like protein balls, healthy cookies or vegan truffles.

9. A Portable Personal Blender

These are great for making a quick smoothie before work or after a workout, you could even leave it at work so you can make tasty smoothies whenever you want if you need a boost during the day.

10. Healthy Recipe Books

So your friends never run out of ideas for making healthy meals, snacks, brunch dishes and delicious desserts.

11. A Running Top and Gloves for Cold Weather

Giving this as a Christmas gift is great timing for the Winter weather. Gloves with Touchscreen finger pads are also a very useful item for the cold weather.

12. A Notebook or Diary

A simple gift, however it can be used to start a fitness or food diary. A Food diary is a fantastic way to monitor your healthy eating and stick to a diet.

13. Subscription to a health/fitness magazine, or a fitness book

Something perfect for reading when you have some time to relax after a busy day, and a great place to get more health and fitness tips.

14. A Healthy Snack Box Subscription

Subscribe your friend to a supply of healthy snacks or just send one as a gift! With snacks perfect for helping fuel your office day, or as a before and after workout snack. Find out more about our boxes here.


  • Maisie
  • 05 Dec 2016

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