The Nutribox July Newsletter

Welcome to this month’s edition of The Nutribox News! In this monthly newsletter we’ll share what you’ve been telling us this month, what’s being going on in nutrition and health news and also give you the chance to appear on our website! Our July Star Brand is Juice Master who make tasty bars of juicy loveliness – find out more about them here.

You and Your Nutribox

We love getting to know our customers. At The Nutribox, we always enjoy looking through the pictures you send us and finding out why you chose The Nutribox and what you like about receiving it.
Recently, we have updated our ‘My Nutribox’ section on our website and you can now see a wide selection of keen Nutriboxers on our homepage. We also collect your pictures on our Pinterest page.  
Would you like to feature on ‘My Nutribox’? To take part please send a picture of yourself and tell us why you love your Nutribox to

Thanks to Peter Mayne for this great picture he sent us of him with his Nutribox. Peter told us he loves his Nutribox because it’s a quick and easy way for him to always have healthy snacks available whether he’s at work or out cycling on his bike.

What you’ve told us

You always give us great feedback about raw chocolate and the June survey was no exception with many of you giving rave reviews to the Conscious Raw Chocolate Essential Orange flavour.  On the savoury side in the full size box the lentil chips were a hit.  The Trail Mix fruit and nut mix wasn’t quite so popular but we hope you enjoyed munching your way through all those other tasty healthy snacks.  As the summer seems to be drawing to a close so does the July Nutribox – the last boxes have been sent out and should now be with you.  The July survey will be sent out very soon.  If you tell us what you love and what you don’t it helps us keep your Nutribox full of healthy snacks you’ll enjoy.

What made the news in July?

The BBC explained why we crave chocolate and Science Daily reported on why walnuts may reduce prostate cancer, but the news we got most excited about this month was our announcement that we will be moving to weekly delivery deadlines from 2nd August.  This means that when new customers order a Nutribox they will never have to wait more than a week for it to be sent out.  Our order deadline will now be midnight every Thursday rather than on a specific date in the month.  We know that some customers found it frustrating when they had to wait longer for their first box so we’ve made this change to get those healthy snacks delivered even quicker.

We love healthy snacks at the Nutribox and we’re always excited to tell you more about how you can get those healthy snacks delivered to your home or office door.  For more information please click here.

  • Abi
  • 31 Jul 2013

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