This Months Star Brand: Clearly Scrumptious!


This month our Star Brand is Clearly Scrumptious! They make natural and free-from dried fruit snacks. This March we’ll be talking about all things Clearly Scrumptious on our social media. We teamed up with them to bring you all the best info about their company and snacks. Here’s their top facts:

1.Did you know that all clearly scrumptious products are free-from sulphur dioxide which is found on most dried fruits.

2. Clearly Scrumptious was developed in the Yorkshire Dales by owners Rick and James whilst fell running.

3.Clearly Scrumptious was the first dried fruit snacks to win great taste awards in 2013 for Tangy Golden Berries and Sweet Strawberries!

4.Their products were created to give the same satisfaction as traditionally unhealthy snacks.

5.They use 3 different drying technologies to create the Clearly Scrumptious range.

6.Ricks favourite flavour is Juicy Cranberries which he uses not only for snacking but also in other meals from salads to pasta sources!

7.James’s favourite snack is Crunchy apples which stop him reaching for unhealthy crisps for that crunch craving!

8.All their products have clear nutritional information and are under 100kcals

9.When Clearly Scrumptious launched they stuck the fruit on 4 glamour models (check out the images in their blog)

10.Clearly Scrumptious not only make snacks for adults – they have a  range of snacks for kids too!

Stay tuned this month for lots more facts about Clearly Scrumptious and their yummy artisan snacks.

  • Maisie
  • 06 Mar 2018

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