Ultimate Picture Guide to Nuts

We wrote about nuts earlier this week in our blog – and then we found this great infographic which summarises the nutritional benefits of nuts.  Use it to understand more about which vitamins and minerals come from which nuts, and if you’re counting the calories it can help with that too.

We love nuts at the Nutribox because they are a great source of protein – and we like having protein in the healthy snacks delivered in your box because it helps your stomach empty more slowly and release energy more slowly.  That means you feel fuller for longer and avoid the blood sugar highs and lows that can come with sugar-packed snacks.

Though nuts do have a relatively high fat content (and this can contributes to them looking a bit weighty in the calorie department) they still qualify as healthy snacks because those fats are mainly beneficial fats.  You need good fat in your diet to absorb important fat soluble vitamins like A, D and E and to make up your cell membranes.  

If you’re following a vegan diet or paleo lifestyle nuts are a particularly useful source of protein.  They can be used in a range of ways – on their own as a snack, blended with dried fruits (as you find in many of our energy bars and healthy snacks) and also in cooking.  Blended with water or nut milks you can make delicious nut cream to go with desserts in place of dairy cream. Chopped they can be used to make a tasty pastry-free base for a quiche or flan.  You can also mix different nuts together with dried fruits and dessicated coconut (no sugar added) to make a tasty grain-free granola – a breakfast that will keep you going until lunch.

To find out more about the nutty snacks you can expect to find in the Nutribox click here

  • Ann White
  • 10 Sep 2013

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