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At The Nutribox we believe any diet can be a healthy diet – as long as it’s big on variety and focuses on eating real food as much as possible.  With scandals like the horsemeat found in meat products recently it’s not surprising that more and more of you are turning to vegetarianism and vegan diets.  Most of the products in the Nutribox have always been vegan snacks – vegan ingredients just work well when you’re looking for wholesome snacks that don’t include lots of artificial additives.  But now we’ve launched a 100% vegan box – so you can get only vegan snacks delivered in your Nutribox.

Vegfest UK comes to Bristol – this award winning events comes to Bristol 24-26 May

I would go vegan but…. – answers to all those excuses for not trying a different lifestyle

Maximise your iron absorption – from vegan foods and vegan snacks

Finding iron – a great guide to good vegan foods and vegan snacks with iron

Planning a picnic? – try this great recipe for a raw snack that’s also a vegan snack

Veganism – the only ethical lifestyle choice?

Picture guide to the vegan diet – a colourful way to explain and understand vegan diet choices

My Nutribox – all sorts of people choose The Nutribox because it suits the dietary principles they want to follow, to meet some of them click here



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