Vegfest UK Coming to Bristol!

Only a week to go until Vegfest UK  arrives in Bristol!  From 24-26 May  Vegfest UK organisers are predicting city-wide shortage of hummus as around 20,000 people who are either following, or are interested in following, a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle arrive in Bristol for a weekend of music, food and talks.  In its 10th year, Vegfest UK estimates it helps 40-50,000 people from across Europe learn about healthier, sustainable lifestyles – it’s already been to Brighton in March this year, and will go to London in October.  And congratulations to Tim Barford, organizer of Vegfest UK, who won the People And Environment (PEA) Business Award  for Working in the Community last week!

  • Abi
  • 17 May 2013

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