What do you buy the person who won’t eat anything (you eat)?

There are loads of great Christmas food traditions – but how many of them cater for people who have to, or choose to, exclude or include particular foods in their diet.  You’d be surprised too how many of your friends and family have special dietary needs or have made personal choices about their health and wellbeing.  So how do you cater for them when you’re in charge in the kitchen, or looking for the perfect food gift for the foodie in your life?

The first thing to do is work out what’s actually important to them.  Is there something the gift absolutely must not have – like gluten for celiac sufferers, or animal products for vegans?  Sporty people might be looking for foods that are going to help fuel their training and weight management. For them, it’s vital to avoid highly refined sugars but include ingredients with a punch of protein from nuts or seeds.

As obvious as that might sound it isn’t always that straight forward to find the gifts that will fit their criteria.  The ingredients list will give you some good clues. Would you find everything on the label in your own kitchen, or in a chemistry lab?  The closer the ingredients are to ‘real’ food the easier it is to understand if they meet the requirements of someone with a special or chosen diet.  Animal products will be clearly identifiable, and if there is any gluten in there, it will say so.

The other advantage of finding food gifts that aren’t heavily processed is that they’ll almost certainly be healthier too.  Heat treating, extracting, and manufacturing processes can rob foods of their fabulous nutritional qualities. It leaves you with a snack that’s had the good bits stripped out.  More often than not artificial ingredients are then added to make up for what’s been removed. It just doesn’t make sense. So, the best advice we can give is to think ‘would I, in theory, be able to make this myself without a chemistry lab?’ If the answer is ‘yes’, then you are going to be on the right track.

When we put together our Christmas gift box one of our aims was to make it easier to buy a healthy and tasty food gift for people – regardless of their different food choices or needs.  All of the healthy snacks delivered in the Nutribox Christmas gift box are made from gluten-free ingredients and they’re  suitable for vegans (and meat eaters). We’ve also made sure they’ve been made in ways that keeps the good stuff in and the nasties out. 

So, if you’re looking for a foodie Christmas gift that’s going to go down a treat with a more demanding foodie friend or relative, take a look at the Nutribox Christmas gift box!  Available on Amazon and Planet-V until 16th December 2013.

  • Ann White
  • 02 Dec 2013

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