When more calories is better

Very low calorie foods sometimes lose out on nutritional value – when we’re choosing healthy snacks for the Nutribox  it’s the nutritional content that’s most important to us.  This article highlights some common misconceptions about healthy choices, and why higher calorie foods may be better healthy snack choices.  Foods that are higher in fat will tend to have more calories but these can be healthy snacks – consider the beneficial omega-3 fats you find in walnuts as an example.  Protein content can also increase calorie count but if you’re looking for an energy snack that will keep you going all morning or afternoon this can be the better option.  We know it can be confusing – that’s why we always do a nutritional analysis to ensure the healthy snacks in your Nutribox pass the taste test and the healthy snack test.

  • Abi
  • 15 May 2013

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