Healthy Snack Boxes Delivered

The Nutribox is a healthy snack box full of deliciously nutritious gluten-free and vegan snacks, delivered FREE to your home or work place anywhere in the UK. read more

Our nutritionists search far and wide to source the healthiest, tastiest snacks available, so that you don’t have to. All our snacks are screened for their nutritional content and have to pass the Team Nutri taste test before making it into our boxes. We work mostly with small, artisan suppliers who care passionately about their produce.

The Nutribox is great for individuals, and organisations that care about the health and wellbeing of their employees and are looking to encourage healthier eating as an important part of a healthy, productive lifestyle.

All our snacks are made using gluten free ingredients and no animal products making them suitable for vegan and non-vegan employees.

You can buy our healthy snacks online for delivery to your home or work place anywhere in the UK via our friends and distributors, Officedrop Ltd.

Nick Matthew – Triple World Squash Champion Rosie Millen  – Miss Nutritionist Edward Chapman – Agent & Distributor Laura Agar Wilson – Holistic Health Coach and Blogger
Nick Matthew – Triple World Squash Champion

“I love my Nutribox because the snacks inside are such a healthy and convenient way to re-energise post-training.”

Rosie Millen – Miss Nutritionist

Delicious, healthy snacks, packed full of vitamins and minerals, delivered right to your door – perfect

Edward Chapman – Agent & Distributor

“The Nutribox helps keep my body healthy for work and play”

Laura Agar Wilson – Holistic Health Coach and Blogger

“The box contains a great range of snacks that would be difficult to get hold of otherwise.”

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