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Healthy snack boxes delivered to your door

The Nutribox is full of deliciously healthy gluten-free and vegan snacks, delivered to your home or workplace.

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Healthy snack boxes delivered to your door

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Discover new favourites

Get 10, 20 or 40 treats in your Nutribox, including some of the UK’s top healthy snack brands. For a sneak peek at what might be included in your next delivery, take a look inside.

Filled with goodness

  • Always vegan
  • Always gluten-free
  • No MSG, trans fats or GM ingredients

Inside The Nutribox

We keep things interesting by filling your Nutribox with a varying selection of snacks. Also, we are always on the lookout for new snacks to include. Here’s a sample of some of our most popular goodies.

Choose your Nutribox

Naughty but Nice special edition
Nutribox - £17.50

The devilish offspring of the otherwise strait-laced Nutribox family, our Naughty but Nice special edition box contains ten snacks for those with a sweeter tooth whilst still maintaining the overall Nutribox ethos of gluten-free and vegan healthier snacking.

Naughty but Nice special edition

Nutribox - £40

Our biggest, most generous Nutribox contains 40 deliciously nutritious gluten-free and vegan snacks. It’s perfect for your snacking cupboard at home, parties and more.


Nutribox - £25

The small Nutribox still packs a nutritional punch, with 20 gluten-free and vegan snacks to keep peckish families and groups satisfied.


Nutribox - £14

With 10 tasty gluten-free and vegan snacks inside, our smallest Nutribox fits through most letterboxes and is ideal for nutritious on-the-go snacking.